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Nyanjen Family Guest House Reviews

September 2015

Martine at Nyanjen Family Guest House, Phyang Village
“Impossible to write all my good time with this wonderful family. I will never forget you. You will forever be in my heart. I take with me a part of you and leave here a part of me! Ladakh is forever in my heart. Just wait for my return! With all my love…”

                       Martine, France

September 2015

“I had no idea where Rochel and  I were coming when Martine directed our taxi driver up to Phyang…but our taxi driver delivered us into this wonderful piece of heaven. What a peaceful paradise Phyang is and especially, this home. From the moment we arrived we have felt part of this family, so welcomed and so looked after. Thank you for opening your home to us and to others!”
                                                                         - Laura, Australia

September 2015

“I have been coming to Ladakh since 1985 and have seen many changes here. Your home has been an oasis of peace for me. You have all retained the traditional Ladakhi values of hospitality and sharing, while incorporating the broad worldview of modern education. You family is a model and gives me hope for Ladakhis future.”
 - Edward Fischer, author of "Chasing the Phantom" - Canada

August 2015

Gabe and Lauren with young monks, Nyanjen Family Guest House, Phyang
“Such a beautiful home and even more beautiful family. We are so lucky to spend our first few days in Ladakh in such a welcoming and joyful place. We will always remember our experience at Nyanjen House and hope we can return again someday in the future.”      Gabe and Lauren,  USA 

August 2015

“It was a great delight and honor being your guest for the past two weeks- to share part of your life. I will never forget our detours to your father’s house, your wonderful meals Sonam, walking together with you along the blue fields of thyme…”

                      Ulrike, Germany

July 2015

“Sometimes you feel at home because of the sweetness of the heart of the house and the family…Many thanks for your hospitality. I will come back!!! Lots of love!”
                                                                        - Devika, India

Claudia, Nyanjen Family Guest House, Phyang

June 2015

“I can’t believe I’ve only been her for 4 weeks…I feel so much at home and surrounded by love. Your kindness and warmth has made me very happy here and the natural beauty, although fantastic, pales in comparison to the beauty of this family. Thank you for allowing me to help with the daily chores and to learn about Ladakhi life. It has truly been an amazing experience. You will always be in my heart!”

                      Claudia, USA

June 2015

“Despite our altitude sickness and overall wackiness, you all were so comforting and understanding. Taking the tie to teach us essential Ladakhian facts was invaluable and we greatly appreciate it. Your home and openness were an incredible way to adjust to our time here. The community you have shown us alleviated all our nerves and anxieties about he rest of our trip. Thank you so much for all you have done, form the bottom of our hearts. With much love..”

     National Geographic      
    Student Travel  and Putney  
          Student Travel 

May 2015

“You are my home far away from home! My Ladakhi family..
From the first day I arrived here, I felt so welcome…talking in the kitchen, fetching water together, reading outside… I deeply respect the way you are living your lives here. After work there is always laughter, time for tea, and time for each other. At the same time you work so hard to make the house clean and comfortable, get your children a good education, and be good Buddhists. Impressive! And everything without tension and with big smiles!

Although I have met great host families in different parts of the world – you are definitely the one I will come back to.”

                      Mireille, The Netherlands


  1. I felt like I was at my own home. Most peaceful place with gentle and humble people. I was uncertain whether to make a trip to phyang or not but ended up going to phyang and staying here. Unfortunately, I stayed only for a night but I am certain that I would have regretted not staying here. Next time I visit Leh, I will be spending my time here. I am already missing Nono and Soma. Thanks so much Reinchan. I hope I have got all spelling right.

    1. Thanks you so much for writing,hope we will see you soon! God bless

  2. Frances and GrahamNovember 7, 2017 at 1:14 AM

    We spent our first few days after arriving by plane in Ladakh in this very special home. No altitude sickness which we accredit to the excellent food, tea and comforts provided by this wonderful family. For us, travel is about experiencing different cultures in an authentic way. Rigzen, Puntsok, Sonam and Rinchen all contribute to this in their own very special ways. The beauty of the people, this home, the community is unforgettable. Thank you from the bottoms of our hearts for this perfect introduction to this amazing region.

    1. Thank you so much for writing.. We had spent great time with you guys.

  3. Jullay!!!

    We enjoyed our stay with your family so much last summer that we are returning. Although I will be working with SECMOL I will venture to visit and hike into the valley. Many good memories!

    Thank You!

    Rita and Gary

    1. JULLAY
      Your most welcome,
      Can"t wait to see you again.


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