Prices for rooms include:

- two traditional Ladakhi meals and tea per day
- free filtered drinking water
- three shared bathrooms with western toilets
- one traditional Ladakhi toilet where the nutrients return to the earth
- solar hot water shower
- free Wi-Fi
- generator powered electricity for back-up
- laundry service available upon request
- airport transfers available upon request

 Our food is prepared as much as possible with our own organic garden vegetables.

Please keep in mind that electricity in Ladakh is sporadic and Wi-Fi as well.

Each room is clean and comfortable with plenty of blankets and incredible views!

Nyanjen Family Guest House in Phyang, Leh, Ladakh, double bed

Nyanjen Family Guest House, Leh, Ladakh, flowers everywhere!
New Bathroom, Nyanjen Family Guest House, Phyang, Leh, Ladakh

Guest House views, Phyang, Leh, Ladakh

Traditional architecture, Nyanjen Family Guest House

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nyanjen family guest house

Tariffs Per Person (including all meals):

High Season                                                         (May 1-Sept. 15)
   Single Person:                                                            1500 rps
   Shared Double Room:                                               1200 rps per person
   Monthly:                                                                    30,000 rps

Low Season:                                                         (October 1 - April 15)
   Single Person:                                                            1200 rps
   Shared Double Room:                                                1000 rps per person
   Monthly:                                                                     24,000 rps

- An additional meal is 300 rps

- Single Room  (high season) is 900 rps and (low season) is 600 rps (2 person maximum)
- Shared Room (high season) is 700 rps and (low season) is 500 rps (2 person maximum)

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